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Boxes to keep treasures, rare fabrics from the Song and the Tang Dynasty, sophisticated craft techniques and future textiles: RE-skin – is the story of the improbable encounter, in a pocket of Dashilar.


A craft adventure between traditional Beijing Box Maker Guo Derui and unconventional textile experimentalist Elaine Yan Ling Ng, founder of THE FABRICK LAB, Hong Kong.


Commissioned by BJDW and Dashilar Project as part of the Dashilar Pilot Craft Program, RE-skin is a new techno-craft experience by Elaine Yan Ling Ng. After having worked in Guizhou exploring new potential for traditional craft, Elaine continues her exploration of how technology and craft can service each other in her latest collaboration with Mr Guo.



Elaine Yan Ling Ng was invited by Moleskin Detour to design a notebook that will be exhibit in their Detour Gallery permanently. The project is entitled This Is How I Sketch, being trained as a weaver, using yarn and colour winding technique to sketch my thought with colours.

Wuhao Body Extension


A range of body extension jewellery by Elaine Yan Ling Ng for Autumn 2013, DANCING WOODEN SKIN combines elements of nature with cutting-edge materials. Choreographed by fluctuations in light, temperature and humidity, no two pieces of this unique body adornment will look alike. This is a limited edition for WUHAO CURATED SHOP BEIJING, during  Beijing Design Week 2013.


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