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Climatology: Celebrating Natures Survival Tactics


WUHAO CURATED-SHOP BEIJING has invited THE FABRICK LAB to create and install CLIMATOLOGY for Spring/Summer 2013 and join the WUHAO Limited Edition collection.


This research is looking into plants engineering structures (including resurrection plant, blur and pine cone) and how they can self-adapt to the changes of its natural surrounding and create their own survival tactics to increase their longevity. Elaine wishes to adopt these skills and translate them into textiles to increase the materials longevity, proposing a new way of making sustainable materials.


The changing seasons are reflected in Elaine Ng Yan Ling’s latest series of smart textiles. As nature takes its course, Wooden Skin and Macro Wooden Velcro shift shape and colour to create an organic responsive environment.


Layers of veneer are combined with fabric, reactive dyes and reflective surfaces to create objects that adapt to fluctuations in light, temperature and humidity. This new series, CLIMATOLOGY, is inspired by nature’s invisible energy and how materials can adapt to be more resilient and relevant. 


Each piece is handcrafted and set in shape. As the materials mature, the objects begin to work together, changing according to their surroundings. They work individually or as a group, affected by the memory of their construction, and responding to changes in the environment.


Made with our bespoke material:

Smart Veneer

Light Relfective Veneer

Thermochromatic Veneer




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