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'Naturology’ is a hybrid word that combines nature and technology. Techno ‘Naturology’ means using artificial technology to activate and stimulate nature’s technology in order to create tectonic movement. The word tectonic might be associated with geographic movement; but within the context of techno ‘Naturology’ the definition of tectonic is when the behaviour of nature subtly weaves back into the urban landscape. The movement of the textile becomes an exchange between the urban space and its environment, resulting in architectonic movement. The vision of  ‘Naturology’ tectonic movement is not just about mimicing the behaviour of nature but adding a sense of fluidity and functional responsiveness to the architecture, facilitating it to complement and harmonise with its environment.


This project aims to explore the function of and symbiotic relationship between shape memory alloy/polymers and the natural sensing system of wood. The intrinsic qualities of natural and artificial materials are investigated using the hybrid tectonic system to challenge preconceived limitations and increase the potential of textiles.


Nature’s endlessly evolving patterns - environmentally responsive tectonic structures - can be studied so that the design can both mimic and create new structures.  


Techno ‘Naturology’ has developed into two scenarios and both capture the relationship of natural movements within time, seasonal change and atmospheric conditions, which refer to a constant state of flux:

-Seasonal Dreamland Architectural Conceptual Collection

-Alive Furnishing Collection.



Shape Memory Alloy 

Shape Memory Fibre

Shape Memory Polymer

Arduino and sensors


Made with out bespoke material:

Shape Memory Veneer

Woven Fabric

Laser-cut Veneer








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