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ALBERT in NeuroPlastic Land


ALBERT in NeuroPlastic Land, un­like Alice in Wonderland, borrows its name from a powerful imaging technology. Though like the fairytale story, it combines imagination with reality to invite the public to play. Elaine Ng (designer) and Dr Ioannis Gousias (scientist) present the ancient Greek game, Triliza, in brightly coloured reflective lenticular plastic that responds to external stimuli. Inspired by the revelations of brain atlasing tech­niques their installation echoes the plasticity of the human brain.


A Label-Based Encephalic ROIs Template (ALBERT) is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging tool that monitors brain development in 3D helping scientists to visualise brain plasticity.  Dr Gousias is specialised in such techniques and Elaine has been borrowing this technique for textile making; turning 2D images into three dimentional pieces.


The aim is to create a textiles collection that is interactive with both the environment and the people that come into contact with them, in ac­cordance with the nature of the brain. Through this interaction with the textile, we aim to provide stimuli to the brain and enhance neural activities. We use them in a conceptual two-way fashion to provide new stimuli to the entity that inspired us.


Everyone loves games, for ALBERT in NeuroPlastic Land the act of playing has faciliated our social and mental development. New reseach has even hinted at gaming as a potential anti-dementia device. Games aren’t just for fun, they are for our good heatlh.


Made with our bespoke Material:

Lenticular Skin

3D Woven Fabric

Light Reflective Woven Fabric









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