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Wuhao Body extension

A range of body extension jewellery by Elaine Ng Yan Ling for

Autumn 2013, DANCING WOODEN SKIN combines elements

of nature with cutting-edge materials. Choreographed by fluctuations

in light, temperature and humidity, no two pieces of this

unique body adornment will look alike. Over time the pieces

will adjust to the environment, reflecting the invisible energy of


Through years of experimentation and adaptation, Elaine

Ng Yan Ling has created Smart Veneer. The layers of hardwood,

textile and thermoplastic means these sculptural pieces

shift shape and colour in accordance with their surroundings.

DANCING WOODEN SKIN encapsulates the fragility and impermanence

of nature, creating a characterful and colourful

expression of Autumn


Was invited by Moleskin Detour to design a notebook that will be exhibit in their Detour gallery permanently.     

The project is entitled This Is How I Sketch, being trained as a weaver, using yarn and colour winding technique to sketch my thought with colours.

Wuhao Climatology Sight specific installation


As part of Wuhao Curated-Shop’s celebration of Spring / Summer 2013, focusing on Tech and Forward Movement, Wuhao is thrilled to welcome and invite smart textile designer ELAINE NG YAN LING (The Fabrick Lab) to create and install Climatology her latest experimental textile series. 

SCIN Gallery UK

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