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The Fabrick Lab is an experimental art and design studio and material consultancy, founded by Elaine Yan Ling Ng. Constantly creating and developing experimental textiles surfaces and materials for bespoke luxury environment. The on going textile experimentation is a synergy between traditional craft and modern understanding of material.

The Fabrick Lab is known for installations that combine natural, lived and experienced materials with new technologies. These environments are responsive, smart and functional, creating beautiful pieces for indoors and outside.


The key design and make philosophy lies within:


Design w/ science
Biomimicry is at the heart of the design process, taking inspiration from nature at all levels from micro to macro.


Experiment w/ nature
The materials respect and live in harmony with the elements, responding to changes in wind, pressure, humidity, moisture, temperature and sunlight.


Innovate w/ craft
Textile crafts utilised in production range from established to emerging techniques, including hand weaving, digital jacquard weaving, veneer laminating, digital printing, printed electronics, circuitry and programming. 



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